<![CDATA[The Kingdom of Ealdormere - News]]>Thu, 04 Feb 2016 08:21:09 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Background Checks]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 23:21:46 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/background-checksTo the Good People of Ealdormere,

I received the following email (see below) from the Society Seneschal Master Antonio Giordano da Sicilia. The process for Canadians to complete a background check to ensure the safety of the children in the SCA is a very complicated and ongoing issue. To be clear, everyone agrees that the need for a background check to be completed is a valid and necessary measure. The issue revolves around using IntelliCorp, a US-based company, to conduct the background checks. IntelliCorp requires our Social Insurance Number be provided to them to complete a background check. Both Avacal and Ealdormere have been very clear in communicating to the Board of Directors that providing our Social Insurance Numbers across an international border is unacceptable and that most Canadians would be justifiably unwilling to do so.

 The Seneschals of Avacal and Ealdormere have been told to submit an RCMP Vulnerable Sector background check to SCA Inc. We have been told that this is a provisional means of background checking the Kingdom Seneschals in Avacal and Ealdormere. I am complying with this request. Once another corporate background check for Canada has been selected that process will supersede this one.
At this time, it has been determined that there may be no youth activities (any activity provided specifically just for youth) or youth combat within the Kingdom unless the youth officer or youth combat marshal has a valid corporate background check. Given the circumstances surrounding completing background checks no one in our Kingdom has a valid check completed. Please ensure that we are complying with the Society Seneschal’s directive on this matter.
It is my hope that the Board of Directors works quickly to establish a new process, but at this time I have been provided no additional information or timelines.
Duchess Jocea Valente
Seneschal, Ealdormere

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: A.J. Pongratz, Esq. <dragonslair88@yahoo.com>

Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 9:10 PM
Subject: A Variance for Background Checks for Kingdom Seneschals.
To: "ealdormere.kseneschal@gmail.com" <ealdormere.kseneschal@gmail.com>
Cc: "Dr. Scott Berk" <sberk@director.sca.org>, President <president@sca.org>, Renee Signorotti <renee@sca.org>, Arthur Donadio <adonadio@director.sca.org>

 The Board has granted a variance as to the Seneschals of Avacal and Ealdomere in terms of corporate background checks; as such, the Kingdom Seneschals of Avacal and Ealdomere, until otherwise determined by the Board, must submit an RCMP Vulnerable Sector background check to the Corporate Office in Milpitas California.  As the RCMP check cannot be sent outside of Canada, i.e. to Milpitas California directly, please obtain the background check and have it sent directly to your residence.  You will then forward the results of this background check in the original sealed envelope to:
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
c/o Renee Signporotti, Corporate Vice President
P.O. Box 360789
Milpitas, CA 95036-0789
This is a provisional means of background checking Kingdom Seneschals in Avacal and Ealdomere; once another corporate background check for Canada has been selected, that process will supersede this provisional form of background check.
As for Youth Officers and Youth Combat Marshals, the present IntelliCorp background check that is currently in place shall continue to be utilized pursuant to the Seneschal's Handbook as noted below. [Emphasis added.]  If there is no youth officer or youth combat marshal with a valid corporate background check, there may be no youth activities or youth combat within the Kingdom.  The Board of Directors and the Society's Officer's are charged to protect the SCA, Inc. as fiduciaries; as such, the Board of Directors and I are duty bound to protect the corporation by ensuring that all reasonable safeguards are maintained in terms of protecting the children of the SCA and the SCA's civil liability. 
Best regards,
A.J. Pongratz
Vice President of Operations, SCA Inc.
Society Seneschal]]>
<![CDATA[Their Highnesses Website]]>Sun, 06 Dec 2015 14:24:12 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/their-highnesses-websiteTheir Highnesses Prince Nigel and Princess Adrielle now have a website available. 

Visit: http://mahaultswynford.wix.com/naheirs]]>
<![CDATA[Ealdormere's new Heirs]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 17:29:50 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/ealdormeres-new-heirs1
Wassail to the new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere, Nigel and Adrielle!
<![CDATA[Reign Website]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 02:37:47 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/reign-websiteTheir Majesties Reign Website is now available!
Visit it at http://thehistoricalcloset.wix.com/reign-site

<![CDATA[From the Kingdom Seneschal]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 08:04:21 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/from-the-kingdom-seneschal2Greetings to the good people of Ealdormere,

I have decided that the Office of the Seneschal requires a number of new deputy positions and I am looking for enthusiastic volunteers to take on these new roles. Please send me an email outlining your interest in one or more of these positions and what skills you have that will enhance your ability do the job. I would also ask that you include your mundane and SCA resumes. I will be accepting applications for these positions until September 15, 2015.

The position of the “Law Clerk” will be responsible for understanding and organizing the laws and policies of the Kingdom. This position will review the SCA Governing Documents, the Laws of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, the Policies of the Kingdom of Ealdormere and the various different handbooks and will identify where and when these laws and policies requires adjustments to ensure consistency and accuracy. As the Kingdom Seneschal I will be working very closely with this individual to ensure that any changes made comply with our laws and policies.

The position of the “Steward’s Secretary” will be responsible for completely revamping the Autocrats Handbook. This position requires someone who is very familiar with creating a kingdom event bid, understand the financial aspects pre and post events and be able to create the new handbook using a simple design software. I will be working very closely with this individual to ensure that the standards and requirements for Kingdom Event Bids and Event Reports are communicated effectively through this tool.

I am also seeking someone for the position of Coordinator of our Kingdom display at the SCA 50th Anniversary Event. This person will work directly with Archivist for the event, alongside the Chair of Historic Displays in coordinating our display. There are a number of items they have asked us to include in the display but there is also an opportunity for creatively making this very Ealdormerean! As with all such endeavours, I anticipate that many in Ealdormere will welcome the opportunity to contribute their considerable talents to helping to make our display “Sing!”. Anyone who is interested in becoming the Coordinator should send me an email bySeptember 15, 2015.

In addition to these new positions, the position of Kingdom Chatelaine is open for applications. Lord Wulfgang wrote of this opportunity in his August Tidings letter, but I reiterate that I will be taking applications for this position until September 15, 2015. Please send me an email outlining your interest in this position and your SCA resume.

In service I remain,


<![CDATA[Updated Kingdom Rapier Rules]]>Wed, 22 Jul 2015 03:18:56 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/updated-kingdom-rapier-rulesThe Kingdom of Ealdormere Rapier Combat Handbook has been updated to version 6.2. 

Find it at http://www.ealdormere.ca/library.html under the Earl Marshal header.]]>
<![CDATA[Attending events with children]]>Wed, 13 May 2015 11:46:34 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/attending-events-with-childrenA reminder for those of you who bring your children to SCA events
SCA events are open to people of all ages, however if you are bringing a child for whom you are not the parent/legal guardian you will need to bring three items.
  • A complete signed minor waiver or signed blue card
  • A complete signed minor medical waiver (2 copies)
  • A signed letter from the legal guardian specially naming the guardian for the day (2 copies)
Due to the robust nature of some of our martial activities, we need you to know there is a (very) small risk of getting hurt as an event attendee.

Parents of children will need to sign a waiver at event gates for their children. If you are unsure of what you will need to have, please contact your local group Seneschal for more information prior to the event.]]>
<![CDATA[Updates to Their Majesties Event Progress and Meetings]]>Wed, 29 Apr 2015 11:34:18 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/updates-to-their-majesties-event-progress-and-meetings

Their Majesties reign website has been updated with more events and Order meetings.


<![CDATA[William Blackfox Nominees Announced]]>Mon, 27 Apr 2015 16:15:30 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/william-blackfox-nominees-announcedPicture
I am pleased to announce the Ealdormerean nominees for this year's William Blackfox Awards. As the SCA website states:

Master William Blackfox was the author and illustrator of the cartoon Warthaven. He gave generously of his time and talents, and was very supportive of the Kingdom Chroniclers until his untimely death.
To honor his memory, the Office of the Society Chronicler sponsors the annual Master William Blackfox Awards to recognize excellence in the work of Chroniclers and newsletter contributors. Newsletters provide a valuable resource and communication tool for SCA members around the world!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the kingdom's chroniclers for their hard work and effort at preserving our history.

This year, the official nominees for Ealdormere are:

Best Article, Ursus, May 2014 (Barony of Septentria), Chronicler: Lyda Langsrackrdottir, Author: Pelayo Marchmount, Title: A Game of Words: Skaldic Poetry (Drottkvaet)
Best Article in a Kingdom Newsletter, The Tidings, Februart 2015 (Kingdom of Ealdormere), Chronicler: Colyne Stewart, Author: Hector of the Black Height, Title: Childish Writing Isn't Easy
Best Artwork, The Clarion, March 30, 2015 (Barony of Ben Dunfirth), Chronicler: Augusta Wayfarer, Artist: Prudence Underwit, Name of Piece: Map of Ben Dunfirth
Best Kingdom Cover Art, The Tidings, May 2014 (Kingdom of Ealdormere), Chronicler: Nicolaa de Bracton, Artist: Augusta Gamarelli
Best Layout and Design, Skraeling Althing Chronicle (Barony of Skraeling Althing), Chronicler: Lucia de Enziana
Best Overall Newsletter, Skraeling Althing Chronicle (Barony of Skraeling Althing), Chronicler: Lucia de Enziana
Best Poetry or Short Fiction, Ursus, Summer, August 2014 (Barony of Septentria), Chronicler: Lydr Langackrdottir, Title: For Three Birthdays and an Anniversary, Author: Hector of the Black Height
Best Special Issue, Ramshaven Herald, Summer 2014 (Barony of Ramshaven), Chronicler: Adnar Dionadar
- Colyne Stewart, Kingdom Chronicler

<![CDATA[Kingdom of Ealdormere Event Rotation Schedule (revised in April 2015)]]>Wed, 22 Apr 2015 16:29:29 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/kingdom-of-ealdormere-event-rotation-schedule-revised-in-april-2015Schedule repeats every 6 years, (ie. 2021 will be the same as 2015)
2015 Spring A&S                Ramshaven
2015 Spring Coronation      Shires     
2015 Spring Crown             Rising Waters
2015 Fall Coronation          Ben Dunfirth
2015 Fall Crown                 Septentria
2016 Spring A&S                Skraeling Althing
2016 Spring Coronation      Ramshaven
2016 Spring Crown             Shires     Assist from Septentria
2016 Fall Coronation          Rising Waters
2016 Fall Crown                 Ben Dunfirth    
2017 Spring A&S                Septentria
2017 Spring Coronation      Skraeling Althing
2017 Spring Crown             Ramshaven
2017 Fall Coronation          Shires     Assist from Ben Dunfirth
2017 Fall Crown                 Rising Waters 
2018 Spring A&S                Ben Dunfirth    
2018 Spring Coronation      Septentria 
2018 Spring Crown             Skraeling Althing
2018 Fall Coronation          Ramshaven  
2018 Fall Crown                 Shires     Assist from Rising Waters
2019 Spring A&S                Rising Waters    
2019 Spring Coronation      Ben Dunfirth 
2019 Spring Crown             Septentria 
2019 Fall Coronation          Skraeling Althing  
2019 Fall Crown                 Ramshaven 
2020 Spring A&S                Shires     Assist from  Ramshaven   
2020 Spring Coronation      Rising Waters  
2020 Spring Crown            Ben Dunfirth 
2020 Fall Coronation          Septentria    
2020 Fall Crown                 Skraeling Althing  
2021 Spring A&S                Ramshaven
2021 Spring Coronation      Shires     Assist from Skraeling Althing
2021 Spring Crown             Rising Waters
2021 Fall Coronation          Ben Dunfirth
2021 Fall Crown                 Septentria 
<![CDATA[This Month in Ealdormere History]]>Wed, 01 Apr 2015 13:00:05 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/this-month-is-ealdormere-history3This month is Ealdormere history:

In April of AS 2, years before Duke Finnvarr's longship would land on the shores of the northlands, there was a short lived settlement of Picts in the area. These Picts were said to be short in stature, with a great love of woad and Phrygian hats. Generally thought to be gregarious, welcoming and naive, it is believed they died out due to the cannibalistic depredations of a nearby giant.]]>
<![CDATA[Invitation to the Order of the Pelican]]>Wed, 11 Mar 2015 01:52:18 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/invitation-to-the-order-of-the-pelicanAt Le Tournoi du Coeur de Glace, Graf Siegfried Brandboern was invited to join The Order of the Pelican. Siegfried will give his answer to Their Royal Majesties at Kingdom A&S. His vigil is being organized by Master Dafydd, contact him at rsheldon@nexicom.net if you have any questions.]]><![CDATA[Ealdormere.ca Updates]]>Tue, 03 Feb 2015 01:01:26 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/ealdormereca-updatesGreetings!

Several important items have been added to the Kingdom of Ealdormere website.

There has been some confusion in regards to event registration and listing in the Kingdom Calendar and the Kingdom newsletter The Tidings. 

There is a new page under the news heading titled "How to Register Your Event" (http://www.ealdormere.ca/how-to-register-your-event.html). It is our hope that this will help clear up the process.

Secondly, the updated Kingdom of Ealdormere Autocrat guide is also now available! It is on the Library page under the Seneschals heading (http://www.ealdormere.ca/library.html)

Finally, there is also a new Autocrat budget form available in the same section as the Autocrat guide. 


Master Eirik Andersen
Kingdom Web Minister

<![CDATA[From the Kingdom Seneschal]]>Wed, 28 Jan 2015 03:48:12 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/from-the-kingdom-seneschal1Greetings Unto Ealdormere,

Did you know the 50th anniversary of the SCA happens next year?!  If you are interested in participating in some exciting activities, drop me a line and we can discuss it.

Thank you all for your patience with the update if the autocrats handbook, it is nearly finished!

Please note that the open privy council meeting will be at Winter War.  Come see your privy council in action.

I would like to remind all officers the importance of timely reporting.  When your reports are late, it makes the Kingdom's reports late, and can have very distressing consequences.

I wish each of you a Joyous New Year!  
All the best in 2015.

<![CDATA[Invitations to the Order of the Chivalry and Order of the Laurel]]>Tue, 30 Dec 2014 02:00:13 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/invitations-to-the-order-of-the-chivalry-and-order-of-the-laurelAt Wassail, THL Tiberius of Warwickshire was invited to join The Order of the Chivalry. Tiberius will give his answer to Their Royal Majesties at Winter War. His vigil is being organized by THL Anne Tinker.

At Fall Crown Tournament, Baroness Catherine Townson was invited to join The Order of the Laurel. She will give her answer to Their Royal Majesties at The War of the Trillium. Mistress Xristina Viacheslavova is organizing her vigil.]]>
<![CDATA[From the Kingdom Seneschal]]>Wed, 10 Dec 2014 22:58:43 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/from-the-kingdom-seneschalAlas, I have missed the deadline of the Tidings this month.  The date simply got lost in amongst the 4th quarter reports, which I am pleased to write were all submitted within a day or two of the deadline.  

Thank you for your timely reporting.

I was fantastic to see many of you at Wassail and have a chance to chat in person about the activities within the Kingdom.  You are truly the representatives of this noble Society and I commend you for your attention to detail, and providing such stability for your groups.  I say fond farewells to those stepping 
down from office, and grand Welcomes to those joining the ranks of the Seneschalate.

I hope all of you were as inspired as I was by the Queen’s Prize Tourney.  As we are in the midst of the season of darkness, I hope you gather round and spend the hours creating; creating time with loved ones, completion with projects, and companionship with good friends.

I remind each and every one to travel safely over this winter season.  Be mindful of the weather and your activities.  Plan accordingly, remember this is a fun activity, and as such it is not worth loss of limb and life in effort to attend.

The Open Privy Council Meeting will occur at Winter War.

I wish you all the best this festive season, no matter what you choose to celebrate, may you find yourselves surrounded by loved ones to keep you warm and in the light.

<![CDATA[Caer Draeth Demo and Wedding on Escapes with Nigel]]>Wed, 05 Nov 2014 11:23:31 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/caer-draeth-demo-and-wedding-on-escapes-with-nigelWatch an episode of Escapes with Nigel, where he attends an SCA demo held by the Canton of Caer Draeth on July 12, 2014.
<![CDATA[This Month in Ealdormere History]]>Wed, 05 Nov 2014 11:21:16 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/this-month-in-ealdormere-history4In November AS 14, Skraeling Althing held the first Feast of the Hare.]]><![CDATA[New Heirs!]]>Sat, 25 Oct 2014 19:36:14 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/new-heirsCongratulations to Sir Steinnar Aggarson and THL Lyða Langackrdottir, the new Heirs of Ealdormere!]]><![CDATA[This month in Ealdormere history:]]>Thu, 09 Oct 2014 17:43:14 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/this-month-in-ealdormere-history3In October AS11, Sir Finnvarr de Taahe, fighting for Caellyn FitzHugh, won the title of Prince of the Middle Kingdom. Though not born in the Northlands (he immigrated from the East Kingdom, while still their king) he was the first of those who dwelt in the lands that would one day become Ealdormere to claim a crown.]]><![CDATA[Scroll of Honour now online!]]>Sun, 28 Sep 2014 23:54:09 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/scroll-of-honour-now-onlineHave you ever heard of the Ealdormere Scroll of Honour? Well, now it's live on the Kingdom of Ealdormere Website, though you should see it in person for full effect!


-Eirik Andersen
Kingdom Web Minister]]>
<![CDATA[This month is Ealdormere history.]]>Wed, 10 Sep 2014 10:50:03 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/this-month-is-ealdormere-history2September AS 10 saw the shire hosting a post-war reconciliation tournament. It was at this tournament that Sylard of Eagleshaven, that notorious mercenary and later a member of the Order of the Laurel, was first seen.]]><![CDATA[From Their Majesties - August]]>Sat, 19 Jul 2014 02:39:55 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/from-their-majesties-augustPicture
Many are the joys of a Summer reign! We have just experienced a stellar joy - that of witnessing a gallant Crown Tournament fought in beautiful weather by bravely attired gentles, and culminating in victory by Their Graces Trumbrand and Kayla. Wassail and welcome to the Heirs to the throne of the North.

Another joy we experience weekly as we travel through the Kingdom, seeing Our Subjects at their many worthy endeavours. Your happy faces and energetic mien truly delights us. Not even the looming
shadow of War can damp the spirits of Northerners - nay, it seems to make fighters the fiercer and artisans more creative, and lend added beauty to song and vigour to dance.

When we lead Our Companies out on the Pennsic
fields we know the name of Ealdormere shall as
always be honoured and glorious in the eyes of the
Known World.

Siegfried and Ragni
Rex et Regina

<![CDATA[Court Report - Trillium War]]>Thu, 03 Jul 2014 14:35:53 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/court-report-trillium-warCourt of TRM Siegfried and Ragni
Trillium War
June 28, 2014

* A moment of silence was held for Lady Bridget Larkin and other absent friends
* New thrones were presented by Lord Augustine von Bricksten
* Populace swore fealty
* Lady Eeva the Restless made a presentation of banners
* His Grace Sir Nigel MacFarlane recognized the fighters of the day.

AOA - Adelaide van der Eych (a big damn rock was the scroll)
AOA - Aerik Leikson

* Lord Eirik Anderson was put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican
* Lady Asa Gormsdottir was put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel

AMH - Lady Eluned verch Angor
AMH - Lady Elicia Ahearn of Bastile du Lac
ASB - Lord Daffyd ap Alun
ASB - Lord James Edgarson
AO - Lady Catriona Inghean Ragnail
ASB - Lady Alienor la Fileuse
OW - THL Daniel of Whitby
OC - THL Avelyn of the Hedge
OTH - Baron Shahid Al-Hassan
Court Baroness - Mistress Helen of Greyfells

* Lord Varakii Varenko Vikovitch was put on vigil for the Order of Chivalry

Laurel - Mistress Tarian verch Gadarn

<![CDATA[Court Report - Summer Siege]]>Sat, 21 Jun 2014 22:26:27 GMThttp://www.ealdormere.ca/news/court-report-summer-siegeMagnus Strykwind - Award of Arms
Mateo the Skrael - Wolf's Cub
Marie L'Englois - Order of the Crucible
Gottfried von Hengstberg - Award of Arms
Laili - Award of Arms

Special thanks to Lady Gwendolyn of Aldburg for taking the above photos.